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BackConnected Proxies


There are a lot of web pages that offers BackConnected proxies, we only had testes

This proxies, if the setting of Insane Google Ranker are fine, can make hundreds of clicks everyday.

You can modify the time between searches, but the software calculates that number according to the number of proxies you insert as Back Connected Proxies. The idea is that every 10 minutes the software make a cycle using all the proxies.


This is the option that offers better resukts with IGR.


About reverseproxies, it should be backconnect, not just reverseproxies.

Also you need to go to your reverseproxies panel and approve the IP of your VPS to let them work in that VPS or cpmputer. Otherwise it will not work. If at any time the IP changes, you need to enter the new IP or the proxies will not work.

Remember that you MUST put the VPS IP into the reverseproxies panel or it will not work.


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